Japan National Football Team Results: 1950-1954

South Korea’s Chung Nam-Sik (centre), flanked by teammates Choi Jung-Min (left) and Sung Nak-Woon (right), shoots towards the Japanese goal in the first of two 1954 FIFA World Cup qualification matches between the two teams. China withdrew before qualification got underway, leaving South Korea and Japan to battle it out for the sole place reserved for an Asian team at the finals in Switzerland. The first game (above) was won by Kim Yong-Shik’s side 5-1, and although required to play both matches in Japan owing to the South Korean government’s refusal to allow Japan to play on their territory, the Meiji-Jingu Stadium proved no disadvantage to the travelling side and they clinched their place in the finals with a 2-2 draw one week later (Image courtesy JCube)

Friendly Matches

11/02/1951 Japan
Kano 19′
Ninomiya 67′, 89′
Miyata 88′
5 (2) All Kansai Selection
4 (3)
Japan XI: Yukio Tsuda; Megumu Tamura, Yoshio Okada, Koji Miyata, Shigeo Sugimoto, Ko Arima, Masanori Tokita, Taro Kagawa, Seki Matsunaga, Toshio Iwatani, Takashi Kano
Substitutes: Hideo Horiguchi, Nobuo Matsunaga, Hirokazu Ninomiya, Tsunae Wada, Nobuyuki Kato, Ken Noritake
Coach: Hirokazu Ninomiya
Venue: Osaka City Stadium, Osaka, Japan

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