Shinji Kagawa: An assured Manchester United debut in statistics

In an impressive Premier League debut, Shinji Kagawa was a candidate for Manchester United’s best performer in their opening game of the 2012/13 Premier League season. While the 2011/12 Runners-up were defeated 1-0 by Everton at Goodison Park, Kagawa provided a composed, assured display in a central attacking midfield role. Drifting between and across Everton’s defensive lines, the 23-year old’s movement ensured he was one of the most heavily involved of Alex Ferguson’s outfield players, only Paul Scholes and Tom Cleverley proving to be a more regularly used conduit in receipt of possession. Here are the relevant statistics in full:

Passes (All) Passes Completed Passes Received Attacking third
68/75 91% 70 33/37
Assists Chances created Free Kicks Backpasses
0 4 0/0 0
Passes Long Passes Short Passes Forward Passes Backward
2/2 66/73 19/23 23/23
Passes Square Crosses Dribbles Tackles Won
26/29 2/2 2/3 1/1

(Data from Opta)


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